Gel Nail First Kit

Gel Nail First Kit

Gel Nail First Kit

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Gel nail set Gel Nail First Kit

Feature of Gel Nail First Kit

  • Gel nail set that is easy to use anywhere at any time.
  • First Kit designed for easy gel nail art.
  • Composed of necessary items only, such as color gel and mini LED gel lamp that are most frequently used.
  • Basic gel nail set makes great item for a gift

Gel Nail Set Gel Nail First Kit Component


Mini LED Gel Lamp (USB adapter included)

Compact and portable mini LED gel lamp available both in UV and LED minimizes instant blindness by adopting a dimming system where light gets  brighter gradually. (timer set as 40 seconds)

Base Gel Polish (7ml)

It is hypoallergenic soft base gel that minimizes the movement of gel by strongly adhering to nails to conceal the uneven, rough surface of nails thickly and make it look smooth.

Top Gel Polish (7ml)

It is hypoallergenic soft top gel polish to go at the final stage of nail art process to display thick and clearly shining nails like diamonds and to smoothes the surface of gel-applied nails and maintain the shine for a long time.

2 Color Gel Polish (7ml)

CG006 Peach Pink, CG010 Classic Blue

It is hypoallergenic soft color gel made of materials of cosmetics, not industrial materials, that is conveniently applicable without pre processing, such as etching and bonderizing, and it displays excellent dear and vivid color.

Soak Off Gel Remover (30ml)

It is soak-off gel remover designed to remove gel polish easily and it has enhanced treatment effects from adding vitamin E derivatives to moisturize both nails and skin through conditioning action.

Gel Cleanser (30ml)

It is a cleanser for removing sticky gel remained on nails after gel polishing process and contains highly moisturizing vitamin E derivativers, olive oil, and macadamia seed oil and shows enhanced nail-protection and-treatment effects. (for removing oily and stickieness)

How to use Mini Gel Lamp

Even out the nail’s surface with Konad Two-way Shining Buffer, wipe it off with the gel cleanser, and remove all foreign substances from the nail’s surface.

Apply a coat of base get to your nails and cure them for about 40 seconds.(Do one finger after another.)

Apply color Gel Polish and cure once more.(Do one finger after another.) If you want to achieve a more vibrant color, repeat the process for about two times.

After applying Top Get, use LED lights for 40 seconds to cure it. (Do one finger after another.)
* Cure two times if Top Gel layer is thick.

Use Gel Cleanser not to leave stickiness on the nail.

You can decorate your nails in various way by KONAD Stamping Nail Art.

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