Pro Salon Kit II (Special offer 20% off)

Pro Salon Kit II (Special offer 20% off)

Pro Salon Kit II (Special offer 20% off)

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Features of Pro Salon Kit I

  • Preofessional nail salon case consisted of KONAD hot items.
  • Included demo image plate 01 product, with all images from m1 to m36 together.
  • Consisted of various colors with necessary products only, this set is popular for beauty salons or shops.
  • Stamping, scraper and image plate cna be used semi-permanently, not for one-time use.

Stamping set pro Salon Kit Componet


Scraper & Double Side Stamp & Stamp

For nail art creation using stamping, use to rake special polish of image plate (scraper), and to print (stamp), images on nails.

Scraper: Blade that scratches pattern in 45 degree angle afer putting special polish on image plate.

Stamp: Stamp used to print on nails by stamping on images raked using scraper.

Domo Image Plate 01

Nail art image plate that can express detailed parts impossible to draw manually, because of various images composition.(m1~m36)

9 Circle Image Plates
m37, m38, m39, m40, m41, m42, m43, m44, m45

Nail art image plate that can express detailed parts impossible to draw manually, because of various images composition.

18 Special Nail Polishes (11ml)

S01 White(2pcs), S03 Silver, S04 Gold, S06 Yellow, S09 Green, S10 Pastel orange, S11 Dark Orange, S13 Pastel Pink, S14 Pink pearl, S15 Red, S16 Wine Red, S18 Violet Pearl, S19 Dark Purple, S21 Sky Pearl, S22 Blue, S23 Royal Purple, S24 Black Pearl, S25 Black(2pcs)

Since this polish is only for stamping, should not be directly apply on nails, and specially manufactured for the expression of stamping nail art pattern. It features rapid drying speed, outstanding color formation, and pattern retaining ability.

Special Nail Polish Cuticle Oil (Jasmin 11ml)

By supplying vitamin A,E and nail to the damaged cuticle such as makadamia seed oil, contains large quantities of vegetable oil and protects the damaged or damaged cuticle and nails.

Shining Nail Art Pen (Silver 11ml)

Since this polish’s brush is thin, it is used for drawing point patterms on nails, and useful for French nail art and dotting.

Empty One Touch Remover Bottle (185ml)

It is a dispenser that can be used as a pumping type by putting in polish remover or orther solutions, Adopting push button method, it prevents natural evaporaion of remover, and can be used conveniently with only single touch, Nail remover is excluded.

Image Plate Holder Type 1

When you proceeding stamping nail art with image plate in image plate holder, it prevents coating other pollutants in advance such as nail polish in surroundings, then fix the image plate not to shake.

9 Shape Rhinestones & Acryl Stick(L)

For rhinestones with 9 various shapes and colors, it will be more convenient with various nail art styles available when attached using sharp part of built-in acrylic stick.

Two Way Shining Buffer (Arch)

This is used when you polish the natural nail and artificial nail’s surfaces naturally, only with simple work can be shown glossy applying top coat.
After organizing the nail’s surface with color parts, rub and polish the nails with white parts.

Design Emery Board (2pcs)

A buffer for organizing nail length and shape, push nail edge with wood file then touch up nail shape.

Corrector Pen

After finishing up nail art work, residue of cuticle or polish on hands can be eliminated easily, quickly and delicately.
If end of corrector pencil is contaminated due to several times of use,you can replace tips use continuously.

Cuticle Pusher

If cuticle is swelled, push the outicles up by pusher, can clean the nails up.


It is a tool to remove cuticles more precisely and cleanly, with precision of steel made strong body, and manually made blade.


This is a palette used by putting some of glitter or polish, and a supplementary tool for convenient and tidy nail art work.

Rainbow Glitter(2g)

By using glitter, able to do various nail arts such as point nail art, gradation nail art etc. With various technique.

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