Stamping Nail Art – Getting It Clear Without Creating Any Mess

Nail stamping is a whole new thing that if done right looks so cool on those nails. The process imitates a pattern on the nails using a stamp and the plates having different designs. However, it is not as easy as it seems and it is more than just pressing that stamp on your nails.

Let’s catch up some things about stamping nail art and how it can be done rightly.

Purchase Stamping Polishes

A beginner may not understand what is going wrong with the design that it is not being embossed. However, the main reason can be the nail art. There is a major possibility that you are using any ordinary nail paint. There are separate nail paints for stamping that you should try in the first place.

Ordinary or OTC nail paints can be used too once you become experienced in stamping. Other than that, it always depends on trial and find out.

Invest in the Right Kit

There are so many kits available online and offline. You may be wondering why one is priced for $2, and the other one is $15. Well, they all may look same, but the quality definitely differs. The pricier one features a deep texture where the design is clearly defined. Also, the stamp feels smoother, and it makes the impression without aching the nails.

By combining stamping nail paint and a quality stamping kit, you can be all set to begin your nail art sessions.

Tip: Always get a kit in which the scraper comes without any kind of blade on it.

Some Quick Tips That Make You a Stamping Expert Instantly

·         It is important that you wash out the stamping kit after every use or once you finish doing the nail art for the day. It gets any residue off and makes it ready for the next use.

·         If the scraper is not available, you can scrap using any plastic card.

·         Start with easy and small designs to keep the stamping session trouble-free. Prefer any nail art shop online such as Konad Beauty and explore different stamping pieces there.

·         Keep experimenting with images, nail arts, and the stamp itself. It takes practice to learn to stamp the right way.

·         Try reverse stamping, which can be achieved by adding up some colors to the current pattern you have on your stamp. It makes your nails look even more appealing.

·         Do not forget to apply the top coat and remove any excess around the nails.

·         You can also stamp the layer of the pattern by putting it on your nails. Get the stamp with the design, fill up colors as you want, and layer it with a top coat. Let it dry a bit and peel it off to place it on your nails.

·         Always let your nails design completely before you apply the topcoat.


Stamping is always fun and adorning those nails using the mechanism can be totally catchy. Next time, you go stamping, make sure to follow all these tricks and nail the stamping nail art.