Best 2020 product manicured nails with image plates at home

Best 2020 product manicured nails with  image plates at home

Best 2020 product manicured nails with image plates at home


Getting a manicure is a task in itself. Add to it, the cost of a manicure, and it becomes extremely easy to delay the task for as long as possible. Many people choose not to get one at all.

However, that does not need to be the case anymore.


So, here is a list of things that you will need to get manicured nails at home

Firstly, start with cleaning your hands properly and filling them into the shape of your desire.

Apply the base coat. Then, choose the nail paint that you and apply it on top. Afterward, you can apply the topcoat and be done with it.


However, if you are someone who would like to have a more professional look with nail art design, then, you will need some extra products.

The first one is stamping nail paint. The other things that you will need are image plates, scraper, and stamper.

Out of these, buying scraper and stamper are fairly easy. You can start your stamping nail paint collection with the basics like black, white, red and go from there.

As for the image plates, it is a bit more time-consuming. You would want to start with basic designs that are easy and do not need a lot of precision. Once you have mastered these, you can start your work on the metal plates with designs that are more unique in nature.


How to use: Pour some stamping ink onto the image plate. Use the scraper to evenly distribute the nail paint on the image plate. Use the stamper to pick up the design and then place the design on the nail to get the design printed on the nail.

Top the design with a top coat and you are good to go.

Now you too have the excellence of the manicured nail paint at home.


The initial investment on getting manicured nails at home are more, but once you have all the products at home, you will not have to waste money on a manicure ever again. Buy at Konadbeauty for the best products at reasonable rates and start your journey to the perfection of nails today.

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