Square Stamping Set (20% off)

Square Stamping Set (20% off)

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Scraper & Double Edge Stamp

For nail art creation using stamping, use to rake special polish of image plate (scraper), and to print (stamp), images on nails.

Scraper: Blade that scratches pattern in 45 degree angle afer putting special polish on image plate.

Stamp: Stamp used to print on nails by stamping on images raked using scraper.

Square Image Plate 14

Nail art image plate that can express detailed parts impossible to draw manually, because of various images composition.

2 Soecial Nail Polishes (11ml)

S01 White, S25 Black

Since this polish is only for stamping, should not be directly apply on nails and speceially manufactured for the expression of stamping nail art pattem.
It features rapid drying speed, outstanding color formation, and pattern retaining ability.

How to use the stamping nail art

Apply the polish to your nails and let it dry.(if stamping on a gel polish coated nail,cute it first and then wipe it with a gel cleanser so that no nucured gel remains)

Apply the special nail polish on your desired image.

Erect the scraper at 45” and quickly scrape the covered polish from left to right.

Immediately afterward, use the stamp to stamp your desired image by rolling.

The image will then move to the stamp as is.

Lightly roll image on the stamp to your nail to stamp again.

Finish with a top coating for the iamge to last for a long time and for its color to remain vivid. (If you have stamped on a gel nail, cure it with a top gel.)

Complete the delicate Stamping nail art.

Always remember!

  • The polish that exclusive for stamping dries quickly. Therefore if it stiffens, the image may not stamp clearly. Therefore, you must quickly proceed with stamping the nail art.
  • As uncured gel (which is sticky) reains even after curing the gel color, lightly wipe it off first with a gel cleanser before stamping for a neat and natural-looking stamped nail art.
  • Apppy nail polish rremover on a cotion pad and remove the polish taht has reained on the scraper, stamp, and image plate.
  • You must use the polish exclusive for stamping. You cannot stamp using another polish.

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